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Life & Mortgage Insurance

There are many differences between what the banks offer, and what a financial advisor can offer you and your family for protection. The first step in analyzing your life insurance needs is determining the amount of coverage you need. We need to work through a proper fact finding process to determine what your concerns are, and how best to cover those needs. Once we have determined how much, we can then determine how best to position the insurance for your short and long-term requirements. There are many different types of life insurance and it is important to work closely with an advisor who truly has your best interests first and foremost when the planning process begins. For example, there are different cost structures, coverage terms, guarantees, and conditions that need to be carefully revised when completing an insurance plan and choosing a beneficiary. Every individual situation is unique, and therefore requires a detailed and personalized insurance plan. A cookie cutter approach has no bearing from client to client, as what is important to one person, may not be important to another.

Living Benefits – Critical Illness, Disability, Long Term Care

Life insurance is designed to offer protection in the event something really bad happens and you die. But, what is something really bad happens, and you don’t die? Then what? How are you properly protecting yourself, your loved ones, or your lifestyle? In the event there is a significant change in health, where will the replacement funds come from to maintain your current standard of living? We spend so much time planning for our future and retirement, but what happens if there is a significant set-back along the way? How does your financial plan look then?


Disability Insurance Simply known as income replacement, the main goal is to protect your earnings in the case you are no longer able to work, due to injury or illness.

Critical Illness How would your lifestyle change in the event you suffered from Cancer or a Heart Attack? How would you pay your mortgage? Critical Illness is designed to pay out a one time tax-free lump sum in the event you suffer a life changing (critical) illness and you survive. Coverage can include up to 25 different conditions, and include a Refund of all Premiums paid if you chose to add that option.

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Long Term Care This coverage is relatively new, but with the aging population, becoming very popular. LTC is increasingly becoming part of the children of a baby boomer, who are recognizing the costs of care homes through the experience of their parents.


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