Playing with your children. Skiing on the slopes. Enjoying your life.

Wouldn’t you rather be doing these instead of spending hours picking funds?

Investment Planning

For business owners, incorporated professionals and their families, investment planning can be confusing and overwhelming.

There are multiple factors to consider including:

  • Liquidity
  • Tax
  • Investment Timeline
  • Return on investment
  • Risk
  • Inflation
  • Market Fluctuation

… and don’t forget to figure out your short, medium and long term goals.


What can we help you with?



Financial Clarity:
  • Helping you get clear on your financial goals such as buy a home, purchase another business, financial freedom, take care of your family, retire early… etc.
  • Once we know your goals, then we put together a plan to achieve these goals.
  • We go through the plan, educate and answer your questions so you understand what needs to be done.
  • We regularly adjust and monitor your plan so we can ensure you stay on track to achieve your financial goals.



    Investment Planning for Business Owners

    Wondering when you can retire?

    Retirement planning can be a complex process for us all, but if you are a business owner it can get even more complicated.  A common mistake made by business owners is reinvesting extra money to grow their business, at the expense of putting it aside to save for their retirement.

    One of the key ideas is the consideration of both your business and your personal finances and how to structure and integrate the two in order to create a robust retirement financial strategy.

    We’ll evaluate different investment vehicles including:

    • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
    • Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
    • Non- Registered Investments
    • Company Pension Plan

    We create a tailored investment plan that meets your goals.

    Gain financial security when working with us.



    Investment Planning for Incorporated Professionals

    For incorporated professionals, preparing for retirement can be challenging. One of the challenges is not having a plan in place.  

    Essential considerations when planning for retirement should include:

    • Personal Income Sources including Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Tax Free Savings Account, non-registered investments, Company Pension Plan
    • Government Benefits including Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security
    • Income Needs- determine how much you need in retirement
    • Debts- if you have any and how to pay it off
    • Health, Critical Illness and Long Term Care Insurance
    • Your Assets

    Book a meeting today so you can gain peace of mind that your retirement dreams can be achieved.



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