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Employee Benefit Plans—Heath / Dental

A great way for Employers to create a stronger sense of loyalty with employees is to provide a Group Benefit program. These plans allow the business owner to give back to the employees, boosting moral and creating a healthier workplace, and helping the company to grow and become more efficient.

We are able to shop these plans to a number of providers if required. Is your plan up for renewal? Please let us know and we will be happy to provide you a comparative quote.

Employee Retirement Plans

The current trend shows less and less Canadians are going to retire with any form of pension. A Group Retirement plan offers the both the employer and employee the confidence and peace of mind to know that there will be a retirement fund in place for the future.

These plans can be set up in the traditional RRSP format, or as a DPSP or TFSA. The contributions can be voluntary for the employer, and variable for the employee.

The Benefits of a Group Plan

• A valuable way to attract and retain employees through a sense of loyalty
• A healthier workplace, improving productivity, & morale
• Easy administration with ongoing support and evaluation
• Improved Financial Security for employees
• Coverage is less expensive on a group basis, and may not require medical evidence
• Ongoing monitoring of the plan, including follow up meetings


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